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Party Hunt, Goa's very own app helping you to find great live music events!


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About Us

On 31st October 2018, Party Hunt was born. The vision of founder and developer, Rachit Rawat, has developed since then integrating into the Goan social ecosystem. With the support of over hundreds of international volunteers and following have been established which has helped the local music community flourish. 

Party Hunt has three main objectives which focus on partygoers, events, and organisers. Partygoers benefit from discovering the best music event in the area while organisers and venues can promote their music events in Goa. There is also the benefit of connecting and staying updated on one's favorite venues, artists, and brands. 

The ripple effect of this local inclusive, international supported app has a major impact on the tourist, hospitality and entertainment industry. this goes hand in hand with job opportunities and exsposure for the growing events in the state and it is only the beginning. 


Find the best parties and music events around you

Find curated information about nearby parties and events that fit your mood and budget. We help you land the best event-experience by offering a mix of the familiar (tried and truth) with the new (original and unique).  


Download Partyhunt and join a community of dancers, music lovers, and socializers who use Partyhunt daily, to find the parties they actually “feel-like” going to.



Find a crowd of partygoers to attend your parties

Get a crowd that fits your event style and size. We help you find those who will actually be interested in coming to your party; based on their location, the types of music they prefer and the kind of events they like. 


Download Partyhunt and join a community of organizers, promoters, small venue owners, musicians and marketing managers who use Partyhunt daily to bring a crowd to their events.



Find gigs, connect with fans and build a following

Book the work you need to make a living. We help you find and connect with those that can get you on stage, by matching you with event organizers and party promoters, based on your location, schedule, and music type. 


Download Partyhunt and join a community of musicians, DJs, and performers who use Partyhunt daily to boost their work schedules and grow their fan base.

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